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About me

Hello there and thanks for visiting! My name is Ronni and my journey in photography started in high school, when my dad brought a Sony Digital Mavica back from his military travels in Europe. I was fascinated at a camera that could record pictures digitally. It was an amazing tool to me and even though it used floppy discs that could only record about 20 images each, it was my constant companion. The pictures I made with it remain some of the most precious to me.

After high school, I went to IU to study photojournalism and later worked as a photojournalist in Pennsylvania. Since returning to the midwest, I have been working as a freelance photographer and full-time educator.

I am based in Indianapolis and currently accepting assignments in the midwest.

Feel free to browse and click on the contact me button up top to discuss your needs.


Let's Connect

Cell: 317.995.5289 (Call or text)


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